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Get the Most out of Your Plumbing System with Hydro Jetting

Your yearly investment in Hydro Jet cleaning in Summit, NJ, can protect you from high-end repairs, plumbing disasters, and headaches. Our 100+ satisfied customers are a testament to the effectiveness and efficiency of our hydro jetting cleaning team. Whether for residential or commercial properties, we are just one call away to ensure a clean drainage and smooth-running plumbing system.

Our Mechanism To Hydro Jet Cleaning in Summit, New Jersey


Hydro water jet is a high-pressure technique to remove accumulated buildup in your plumbing system. Our way of performing hydro jetting service includes:


Inspection and Assessment

First of all, we inspect the root cause of blockage in the drainage system by using video camera inspection technology. With this, our hydro jet handlers find out the location and nature of the blockage or buildup. They set the appropriate pressure setting for the hydro jetter.


High-Pressure Water Jetting

Here, we begin with our hydro jetting service in Summit, NJ. These jets can produce water pressure exceeding 35,000 psi, to slash through and remove all types of obstructions in the pipes. It includes grease, sludge, mineral deposits, and tree roots. If your pipes are weak, we set the pressure accordingly.


Comprehensive Cleaning

A fact is a fact: snaking and using a rod just creates a small hole through the blockage, and jetting cleans the entire diameter of the pipe. Our comprehensive hydro jet cleaning approach removes the current blockage, cleans the whole pipe walls, and prevents future clogs without using harsh chemicals.

Whom Do We Offer Our Hydro Jetting Service in Summit, NJ?


Residential Hydro Jet Cleaning

We keep your plumbing system smooth with our residential hydro jet cleaning services. From clogged kitchen sinks to slow-draining showers, our high-pressure water jetting can fix every clog, such as grease, soap residue, and hair, ensuring your pipes are clean and clear.


Commercial Hydro Jet Cleaning

Now, commercial properties are also safe because we provide the best commercial hydro jet cleaning Summit, NJ, to businesses of all sizes. Whether it's a restaurant dealing with grease buildup or an office building with slow drains, our powerful hydro jetting equipment can unclog even the tough blockages quickly.

For more in-depth information about any of our services or to schedule an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact RooterMaster. We're your trusted plumbing and drain cleaning experts in NJ, committed to delivering top-quality solutions for your plumbing needs.

How We Stand Out For Offering the Best Hydro Drain Jet Cleaning?

We have solid reasons for choosing us. Here is a glimpse of it:

Certified Professionals

Our hydro jet cleaning team is trained and certified. They are up-to-date with the latest plumbing technologies and best practices for handling water pressure. This expertise guarantees that your plumbing system is in skilled hands.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

Whether it's a delicate residential plumbing system or a robust commercial sewer line, our team assesses each situation to apply a customized and effective cleaning strategy. They do not harm your pipes by using chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Our Summit hydro jet cleaning process is eco-friendly, using only water to clean your pipes without the need for harmful chemicals. This method protects your plumbing and contributes to the well-being of our environment.

Preventative Maintenance

We offer emergency hydro jet drain cleaning in Summit, NJ, and also preventive maintenance plans. Choose our affordable package and keep internal (kitchen, bathroom drains) and external (gutter, Downspouts drains) plumbing systems safe.

Spending Hours Browsing Hydro Jet Cleaning Near Me in Summit, NJ?
No need to dig into the hassle of browsing online! Rooter Master is your local plumbing company with all the dedicated services to ensure smooth drain cleaning with hydro jetting. If you are still not convinced, contact us and talk to our professional; he'll guide you through the process.

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You can claim our guarantee on the first hydro jetting service in Summit, NJ, within 30 days from the first visit. We ensure full customer satisfaction and stand behind our work.

This depends on the age and condition of your pipes, the frequency of blockages, and usage. We recommend scheduling hydro jetting for preventative maintenance every 6 months to 2 years.

With a trained hydro jet cleaning team and proper equipment, there is a very low risk of pipe damage during the process. Plus, with PSI control hydro jets, we ensure the safety of your pipes.